Bryan Mordechai Jackson

Bryan Mordechai Jackson

Bryan Mordechai Jackson has had checkered history of living in large cities, but was born in Houston Texas. Fueled by a hunger for knowledge and growth that was developed in his youth and continues to this very day, the challenges and rewards of a life as an actor was a natural choice for him, and is well into its second decade of ripening.

Bryan started acting at a local school for young performers in Pittsburgh at the age of ten.  From here he participated in summer-camps and local classes, until a momentous series of events set him on a more distinctive path. These events were being accepted into a magnet high school for the performing arts (HSPVA) in Houston, and moving in with his father who lived there.

For four years Bryan practiced his craft daily at this unique high school, garnering a heightened self-awareness and definitive approaches to his craft. This pivotal life-changing seed sprouted roots and began growing a bean stock leading all the way to New York following Bryan's graduation, where he attended Marymount Manhattan College, garnering a degree in Performance.

With its amazing faculty and wide array of classes, Marymount built upon an already solid foundation of training to continue Bryan's evolution as an actor and performer.

From auditioning and commercial techniques, to movement and diction, and even experimental post-modern theatrics and clown classes, Bryan has spent a great deal of time analyzing his craft, and yet there is still more to learn, always.

Truth be told, following college, Bryan found himself jaded with the academia of artistic pursuits and relocated back to Pittsburgh to work and "be human". Here he fleshed out some of his credits with eccentric and challenging roles such as "Jack the Ripper" (Villains) and "Sebastian" (Twelfth Night).

For two years Bryan worked between two and three "survival" jobs, to save enough money to move to the West coast with its sunny disposition (he is not a fan of the cold) and oozing opportunities.

Since arriving in L.A. Bryan has literally hit the ground running. In just a few short months he has signed with Oliver Carnay of International Artists PR & Talent Management.  He immediately booked a job at as a producer, followed by four feature films: "Two Shadows" and "Blacktino" (premiered at 2011 SXSW Festival), "How to Marry A Millionaire" and "A Perfect Ending."  He recently booked a Ridemakerz commercial and a promo commercial for Close-Up toothpaste.

The sum of Bryan's experience in his albeit short life has solidified his commitment to a life as an actor and performer, and it is a daily process that of which he loves to experience and grown upon, from auditioning, to learning to new skills, to (of course) booking and working - he loves it all and intends to drink from the fountain with an unquenchable thirst to stand, deliver, and bring the fire!

Bryan Mordechai Jackson takes pride in having the opportunity, learning and working with acting coaches Stephen H. Snyder and Christina Chauncey.

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