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November 24, 2013



Happy Holidays from International Artists PR & Talent Management !


We just wanted to take the time before the holiday madness begins, to send you out our well wishes for a wonderful holiday season.  As we reflect on 2013, we hope that everyone has been able to reach their dreams or at least move another step closer to it.


We here at International Artists PR & Talent Management have reached goals, some of them unexpected, that has left us again grateful to be in an industry that helps others in small or large ways to do what they love to do.  We express special gratitude to those who have helped us keep our commitment to our clients and business associates in the entertainment industry.


Thank you to all my client actors who have made me proud of this company and continuously shine in Hollywood!  Thank you to all agents who have worked hard for my clients!  Thank you to all acting coach who have molded my actors to be better and helped them book jobs!  Thank you to all Directors, Producers, Casting Directors and their Associates who have believed in my clients and help them land jobs!  Thank you to all my colleague at the Talent Managers Association!  Thank you to all the people we have met in different film festivals and other important events in Hollywood we have attended!  But most of all, thank you to all of you for treating us a family!


Thank you to all of the community and businesses that we have worked with and have been supportive of all our artists and events.  Our team and clients have had a pleasure of connecting with industry people, festivals, special events, media, entertainment companies, agencies and businesses.  We value every event we've been a part of and every client and partner that has been a part of our daily routines.  It has been a pleasure!


As we move into 2014, we take all our successes and challenge of 2013 with an understanding of how we can be more efficient and effective to this industry and bring it up to the next level.  We have strong actors, multi-level of services, with great reliability.  We look forward to sharing what our artists and team has in store for you.


Thank you for being a part of our journey.  May your holiday season be filled with peace and blessings for you and your loved ones.  God Bless!



Yours truly,


Oliver Carnay - Talent Manager / Publicist

Rose Paredes - Assistant Manager/ Marketing / Publicist

Marian Maraya


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