Victor Manso Carrasco


Victor was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela into a family that surrounded him with music and artistic self-expression. When only four years of age he went to a concert that jumpstarted his dream and pursuit of a life in the performing arts.

As a child Victors talent was undeniable. He was blessed with a strong support system and was always encouraged to explore and develop his skills.

It did not take long for the little singer to prove himself capable of taking musical instruments, and with no professional training, create music.

Unsure of his abilities, he turned down many opportunities that came his way, and his talents, though obvious to those around him, were not fully exploded till later years.

High school was a turning point for the upcoming artist. As he matured so did his need for expanding his knowledge of the performing arts. He studied drums, performed with couple of bands, and even co-founded a band of his own. The fulfillment he got out of making music led him to pick up the guitar and discover the pleasure of songwriting.

He was fourteen years old when theatre and acting introduced themselves into his world. Bitten by the bug Victor worked his way to become part of a theatre company where he trained and performed for several years, an experience that removed any doubt he had about what he was destined to do.

The hunger for knowledge took him to Spain, where he lived for two years studying film making, learning the world behind the camera, while performing as a choir singer and giving theatre classes in his free time. It was there in Barcelona, where Victor took his chances and applied for the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. He submitted a dvd audition and was accepted shortly after.

Victor returned to his country and for a few months, he performed in plays, and was the lead in a musical.

The time finally came to move to New York and pursue a life as an actor. Victor felt the thrill of learning the profession in the place where so many great actors have before him. The pool of Characters that is New York City provided endless possibilities and inspiration. The world around him turned into a stage. And everywhere he looked he saw another chance to study the human experience.

Victor graduated from the conservatory at the Stella Adler Studio, did a Showcase in Los Angeles, and due to the enthusiastic and positive response of the industry to him, he left New York and is now based in Los Angeles.

Victor hopes to never stop studying human behavior, or turn ordinary spaces into a stage and he is more driven then ever to be of service to the world of the performing arts.

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