From Casting Director / Acting Coach - Stephen H. Snyder

The Casting Offices of JS Snyder and Associates

Stephen H. Snyder: Casting Director-Acting Coach

Hello Oliver,

I wanted to express my greatest appreciation for just how hard you work for your clients.  In the few years we at JS Snyder Casting have had the pleasure to work with you and your wonderful actors.  I continue to be impressed with the professionalism you put forth in all aspects of the business we call Show!  I love the way you pitch and politely push for your clients.  Every time out you have been doing us the favor in your submissions and in your pitches for your most talented actors.  Please know you are #1 on my list of Talent Managers to call for Auditions and Bookings.

One more thing -- your actors are tremendous.  They come in well prepared, enthusiastic, professional, and always get on the short call back list or land the job.  Thanks for being a friend and a fellow artists who cares enough to be there for casting and for your clients.


Your Man in Casting and Coaching

Stephen H. Snyder

Mailing and Office Address Only

117 North Oralndo Avenue

West Hollywood, CA 90048

Cell Phone: 213-280-9296

from Andre Marcel, AMB Publicity


Hello Oliver,

Thank you kindly for your accommodations at the screening of 'Confession of a Gangster.'  Our client was quite pleased to attend, and we are very happy to have been able to work together with you.

AMB Publicity values your friendship and we look forward to working together in the future.  Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist your needs.

Thank you again!

--- Andre Marcel,

from DAVID TUPAZ, couture designer of the stars


December 27, 2010
Hi Oliver!!!
Greetings of the holidays!  Been sickly and might not be able to go home today, monday, been in bed since Saturday night! I took medication and i won't be able to drive back soon. I will be in touch and thank you for all those info!!! I appreciate your kindness, generosity and friendship! You are a gem  in LA treasure!.
You are one of a kind and you are instrumental for many success stories!  I am glad and honored to be your friend!  I will be in touch the moment i get in...hopefully in the next few days!...I just don't want anyone i get contact with catch anything.  It is been going around here in Vegas.  Lisa is also looking forward to see you again! have a new FAN!   Lisa speaks so highly of you! She said when i get back we should all get together....(with Rose, too ). I will be in touch!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and Grateful!!!! always....
(David Tupaz, couture designer, "A Tribute to Elegance" fashion show event/ producer)
from Adam Park, The Park Noack Agency


"I have to say that I’m very impressed with the caliber of talent you represent (and I’m only focusing on your actors who are looking for agents so I can only imagine how good the others are).  I appreciate you considering me as one of the agents who gets to meet with your clients." -- Adam Park, The Park Noack Agency

Richard Chiu, actor


Oliver Carnay is one of the best managers I've ever had.  He is professional, cares about his clients as well as understands the business of managing actors.  He is truly supportive of what his clients want, tries to guide them the best he can, while listening to what they really want.  He handles all business aspects for the actors while we focus on the art. 

In my experience as a client of Oliver, he has always been supportive and always on top of his game in this business of entertainment. He really cares about the careers of his clients. I also consider him an amazing friend which helps a lot as an actor. You always need someone you can talk to that isn't your immediate family member or spouse, someone that understands what an actor has to go through. Oliver is an amazing manager and friend! 
from Alvaro Orlando - actor
Oliver is my manager and also a friend. He is a very caring and loyal human being.  He is extremely professional and a very trustworthy person. I have been doing very good with him on my side and I really trust him.  He is very proactive and is passionate about my career, which makes me even be more motivated in my career... He honestly understands the business and knows how to pitch his clients.  I look forward to keep working with Oliver -- sky is the limit, and I see that the future looks very bright!
from Barnaby Barrilla - actor
"Oliver is a very creative and a professional manager.  He is always looking for new ways to push your career to the next level.  What I love about him the most, is that he does everything to put you out there for the biggest roles and guides you as much as he can.  He is always active in the entertainment industry and always find ways how I can promote myself --- including attending film festivals, special screenings and other industry gatherings.  He is truly an amazing manager and I am glad that I can call him a friend as well.  Oliver has helped me so much in my career.  I wouldn't be where I am today without him."
Testimonial from Jay Vincent - movie composer/musician

from JAY VINCENT - composer  

November 26 at 12:52pm

My dear Oliver,

Today I was reflecting, as many do, upon all the blessings in my life. Next to my relationships with the Great One and my family, the thing that inspires the most gratitude is the fact that a young kid from Iowa is now a working feature film composer, with several more lined up after that.

Oliver, I don't know how to thank you. You believed in me, said my name to the right person at the right time, and now the phrase "knock and the door will be opened to you" is taking on a whole new meaning from the way that things are unfolding for me, especially these past few months... For hooking me up with Dave and 'Broken Dreams,' for everything else, and for things I probably don't even know about yet, I thank you from the bottom of my big 6'6 heart.

And what is even more significant than any of these material projects and successes---is the change in mindset that has occurred. It was so subtle that I didn't even notice it at first, but upon reflection it is staggering how differently I approach life nowadays. This project has created a sense of abundance in my life that has become my reality...and as you know, if a person vibrates, projects, oozes abundance, that's exactly what will be returned to them.

My life feels like a snowball rolling down a steep hill; in the last 2 or 3 months I have met more people, landed more gigs, and made more new friends than (it feels like) the past several years put together.

Literally a day after I met Dave for the first time, I was approached out of the blue by two of my older friends to be involved a musical charity project that could literally explode with publicity---this is turning out to be possibly the highest profile thing I've done yet. And yes, I want you to be a part of it. Things are still finishing up, so when the time is right I'd love to have a long chat about it. A hint: it involves a 17 year old kid in jail, an amazing Filipino family and a nonprofit they run, a camera crew from MTV's 'True Life,' dozens of Southern California's finest recording artists, and one very special song...

Many, many amazing things this year, and and I feel it's going to pale in comparison to 2010...for me, you, and everyone we know. I conclude by saying, once again, THANK YOU for being a blindingly bright piece of evidence that someone is watching out for us. I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings, and look forward to talking soon.

To the Great One!


from Amy Lyndon - Cold Reading and Booking Technique Acting Coach

"Oliver is a talented, disciplined and hands on manager. He really cares about his clients. He hand delivers his clients to me so that I can make sure they're ready to deliver a wonderful performance. He's a man of his word." -- Amy Lyndon, The Lyndon Technique,
Christina Canseco-Publicist / Bryan Chan (singer/host)

"It has been a pleasure working with Oliver during the US-Philippines
Expo in Pomona. His dedication and commitment to his work and to his
clients is something to be admired and replicated by all. His many
years of experience working in the industry, especially his excellent
relationship with the media, is clearly evident in his work and more
importantly in his character." - Christina Canseco/Bryan Chan
Boyet Silverio, VIP Dancer

My former manager, Oliver Carnay, has played a very important role in my career and has been so instrumental in changing my status here in the US. I was able to pass the American Guild of Variety Artists [AGVA] as an outstanding performer. It paved way to getting my permanent residency as an exceptionl artist in June of 1995. I am truly indebted to him for life. I'm here for you "Inay." Malapit na birthday mo!

Boyet Silverio,VIP Dancer  

Special Screening of "The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros" Laemmle Cinema One, Pasadena, CA
Oliver, I m so touched with you helping me put this thing together....... greatly appreciate it, your genuine support to us is priceless.... can't put any dollar amount to your kindness.... I will be forever indebted to you.....!

God bless you and God continue to shower you with His abundant blessings of love, peace, prosperity, & good health.

A million thanks....

Claire Felicen-Flores
Owner, RGF Entertainment (USA) RGF Music World (Phil) RGF Travel and Tours
Executive Marketing Director, ECOSPAN Insurance Services, Inc
Medical Missionary, RGF Advent Ministries Live Pure... Live Well!
Nautica de la Cruz, one of the judges from the recent Mr. Earth USA
Hi Oliver,

I just wanted to take a minute and say "Thank You" for letting me a part of Mr. Earth 2007. I had a wonderful time judging the pagaent. Lela and I are grateful for the opportunity and for treating us so well. It was a great experience. You did a remarkable job as a PR! If you ever need me let me know. I also do paid gigs like tv hosting, mc'ing, acting, voice overs and more. Have a blessed day!

With love,

Nautica de la Cruz
The Steve Harvey Show
93.5 KDay
Susie Kim, Promoter of Purple Lounge, Standard Hotel
"Oliver Carnay was amazing to work with -- this guy makes it happen!"
R.P.A.G.E., Inc. Team
“We at R-P.A.G.E., Inc., organizers for the U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO, continue to value Mr. Oliver Carnay for the quality service he has provided. For the U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO 2006 Great Achievers Awards, Mr. Carnay assisted us in teaming up with Filipino and Filipino-Americans whom have helped to bring the Filipino community (often dubbed as the “invisible minority”) into the mainstream light. We take pride in continuously working with Mr. Oliver Carnay.”
Camille Mana - tv and film actress.comedienne
"Oliver has an enthusiasm for his work that most of the Hollywood elite are lacking!"
"In an industry where first impression counts, Oliver's dedication and passion is quite simply, an artist dream come true. The success of our Dreamgirls DVD party is owed to his masterful execution of the invited talents and his excellent media relationship. International Artists PR truly stands out as one of the very few DIVA supporters and clients, and we are proud to be associated with such equally dedicated company."
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