"I'm so appreciative of Oliver and all the work he does on my behalf. From day one, I've been able to tell that Oliver genuinely cares about me, and has my best interests at heart. He's very engaged, and is always checking in with advice and thoughtful notes. He takes a long-term approach toward building a career, and always knows what is important. Under his guidance I feel like I've been making a ton of progress and have started to book more roles. He's also one of the most kind and honest people I have met in this business, and he's always available to talk or answer any questions."
Andrew Ortenberg
actor / client
"I’m so grateful to have Oliver as my manager. He is such a hard worker and truly cares for his clients. He is always super quick to reply to emails and concerns. Since I’ve been with him I’ve joined SAG, have gone on tons of big auditions and are getting callbacks. I only see more success in my future being his client. I’m super thankful to be on his team. "
Oksana Chester
actor / client
Oliver Carnay was amazing to work with -- this guy makes it happen!
Susie Kim
Promoter of Purple Lounge, Standard Hotel
Hello Oliver, ​ I wanted to express my greatest appreciation for just how hard you work for your clients. In the few years we at JS Snyder Casting have had the pleasure to work with you and your wonderful actors. I continue to be impressed with the professionalism you put forth in all aspects of the business we call Show! I love the way you pitch and politely push for your clients. Every time out you have been doing us the favor in your submissions and in your pitches for your most talented actors. Please know you are #1 on my list of Talent Managers to call for Auditions and Bookings. One more thing -- your actors are tremendous. They come in well prepared, enthusiastic, professional, and always get on the short call back list or land the job. Thanks for being a friend and a fellow artists who cares enough to be there for casting and for your clients. Your Man in Casting and Coaching Stephen H. Snyder
Stephen H. Snyder
The Casting Offices of JS Snyder and Associates
"Oliver Carnay is not only a fantastic manager and industry publicist but also an amazing human being. He gives his clients personal attention, knows how they need to be presented, and fights to get them in the room. He's on his game and I'm very excited to continue to break down doors with him."
Aaron Dalla Villa
actor / client
"Having Oliver Carnay as my manager has got to be one of the biggest blessings since I moved to Los Angeles, CA. He gives me the best guidance towards my career and he is always on the ball, always ready with a great business mindset. He shows endless amount of attention and love to his clients. You better be ready to work as hard as he does for you if you want to be on his roster because the man does not play games! Also a great sense of humor he has become a great friend and we have fantastic working relationship! I'll forever be appreciative of him .. "
Anesu Mutara
actor / client
Oliver Carnay is one of the best managers I've ever had. He is professional, cares about his clients as well as understands the business of managing actors. He is truly supportive of what his clients want, tries to guide them the best he can, while listening to what they really want. He handles all business aspects for the actors while we focus on the art. In my experience as a client of Oliver, he has always been supportive and always on top of his game in this business of entertainment. He really cares about the careers of his clients. I also consider him an amazing friend which helps a lot as an actor. You always need someone you can talk to that isn't your immediate family member or spouse, someone that understands what an actor has to go through. Oliver is an amazing manager and friend!
Richard Chiu
actor / client
"Working with Oliver Carnay has moved my career only further. Oliver is a very hard working person and always make sure his clients are one step ahead of other actors. The man is serious about his work and only wants to work with those that are willing to work. Not only that but is a friendly and genuine person. He is there for you no matter what. A great person to be working with and is going to push you harder and further with your career."
Ezekiel Pacheco
actor / client
I have to say that I’m very impressed with the caliber of talent you represent (and I’m only focusing on your actors who are looking for agents so I can only imagine how good the others are). I appreciate you considering me as one of the agents who gets to meet with your clients.
Adam Park
The Park Noack Agency
Hi Oliver!!! Greetings of the holidays! Been sickly and might not be able to go home today, monday, been in bed since Saturday night! I took medication and i won't be able to drive back soon. I will be in touch and thank you for all those info!!! I appreciate your kindness, generosity and friendship! You are a gem in LA treasure!. You are one of a kind and you are instrumental for many success stories! I am glad and honored to be your friend! I will be in touch the moment i get in...hopefully in the next few days!...I just don't want anyone i get contact with catch anything. It is been going around here in Vegas. Lisa is also looking forward to see you again! have a new FAN! Lisa speaks so highly of you! She said when i get back we should all get together....(with Rose, too ). I will be in touch!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and Grateful!!!! always.... Besos, DAVID
David Tupaz
Couture Designer of the stars
Hi Oliver, I just wanted to take a minute and say "Thank You" for letting me a part of Mr. Earth 2007. I had a wonderful time judging the pagaent. Lela and I are grateful for the opportunity and for treating us so well. It was a great experience. You did a remarkable job as a PR! If you ever need me let me know. I also do paid gigs like tv hosting, mc'ing, acting, voice overs and more. Have a blessed day! With love, Nautica de la Cruz The Steve Harvey Show 93.5 KDay
Nautica de la Cruz
Judge for Mr. Earth USA
Oliver is a talented, disciplined and hands on manager. He really cares about his clients. He hand delivers his clients to me so that I can make sure they're ready to deliver a wonderful performance. He's a man of his word.
Amy Lyndon
Cold Reading and Booking Technique Acting Coach
In an industry where first impression counts, Oliver's dedication and passion is quite simply, an artist dream come true. The success of our Dreamgirls DVD party is owed to his masterful execution of the invited talents and his excellent media relationship. International Artists PR truly stands out as one of the very few DIVA supporters and clients, and we are proud to be associated with such equally dedicated company.
Nelson Melegrito
Executive Director, DIVA
Hello Oliver, Thank you kindly for your accommodations at the screening of 'Confession of a Gangster.' Our client was quite pleased to attend, and we are very happy to have been able to work together with you. AMB Publicity values your friendship and we look forward to working together in the future. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist your needs. Thank you again!
Andre Marcel
AMB Publicity
To have a manager is one thing, but to have a manager who genuinely cares about your future and goals is another. Oliver has made a big impact on my life as an actor. He genuinely wants better for me and pushes me harder to reach my success of what I am capable of. Oliver takes his time with calls, audition reviews, and makes sure you are always prepared to get booked for a role. I don’t know where I would be without Oliver but I truly thank God for this man. He is such a nice genuine person and I am eternally grateful for the best manager I could ask for . I will continue to elevate my career path and bookings knowing that I am in good hands with somebody who is trustworthy and has my best interest at heart . Thank you To my manager, Oliver Carnay!
Jeremy Weaver